International Metallic Mining Hall will feature interesting program of papers

The scientific program of Metallic Mining Hall (MMH), the international meeting on metallic mining, whose second edition will take place at the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES), Spain, October 17 to 19, will feature around 50 papers on the latest developments in an industry which has regained its strategic position in the Andalusian economy.

The organisers say: “This event has already emerged as an international reference for the mining sector with its conscientious scientific program as well as its large space for trading and networking. It is also supported by relevant companies from all over the world as well as a number of public institutions, such as the King and the Queen of Spain, the president of the Spanish Government, the president of Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Government), the president of Seville Provincial Government or the mayor of Seville, among others.

“The quality of the scientific programmed stands out because of the diverse topics to be dealt with, and also due to the top level professionals who have confirmed to participate in some way: Clive Newall, President of the mining multinational company First Quantum, which owns by the Sevillian company Cobre Las Cruces; Daniel Muñiz, Vice-President of Americas Mining Corp (Grupo Mexico); José Fernando Sánchez-Junco, president of Maxam; and Javier Targhetta, CEO of Atlantic Copper, the third most efficient copper smelter in the world, who will moderate the round table entitled ‘Sustainability from the perspective of mining companies present at the Pyrite Belt’. Those professionals who are interested in participating in the conference program as attendants can register through the website of the event:

“Sustainability is indeed one of the major topics in this second edition of MMH, which will revolve around this concept and circular economy as key elements of the current mining activity. Thus, the 2017 scientific program will be developed through 11 technical sessions and two round tables. The technical sessions will deal with the following issues, among others: ‘Geology: foundation of sustainability in the mining business’, ‘New mining techniques’, ‘New mining projects’, ‘International legal issues in metallic mining’, ‘Market analysis of different minerals’, ‘Improvements in mining techniques’, ‘Circular economy – mining waste recovery’, ‘Metallurgic techniques and innovation aimed at sustainability’, ‘Mining techniques and circular economy’, and ‘The future of mining’. Special interest is drawn by the session entitled ‘Sustainability from the perspective of mining companies present at the Pyrite Belt’, moderated by Targhetta, with the participation of Newall, Muñiz, Sánchez-Junco and representatives of Matsa and Atalaya Mining.”


The first round table will be devoted to ‘Circular economy in mining according to the European Union’s vision’, whilst the second one will be entitled ‘Heading towards sustainable mining’ with the participation of Pierre Gratton, President of the Mining Association of Canada and representatives of Euromines and Aminer (Association of Research, Extraction, Mining-Metallurgic Transformation, Auxiliary and Service Companies).

As a new feature of this second edition of MMH, concurrently with the Hall’s technical conference, the EIT Raw Materials meeting, the first in Spain, will be held. This encounter will mean the beginning of the cooperation between Metallic Mining Hall and this major European institution (