New partnership between acQuire and REFLEX brings benefits beyond the surface

acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (acQuire), a market-leader in geoscientific information management software solutions, and REFLEX, a pioneer in the development of downhole data acquisition systems, have announced a partnership to integrate their innovative technology products. “The integration of acQuire’s GIM Suite and REFLEXHUB-IQ will vastly improve efficiencies to speed up the data pipeline by removing manual bottlenecks and providing a transparent, seamless data exchange through a secure web link. In addition, consistent and rich meta-data provides a chain of custody for information from the field to the database.”

“This is the first initiative of our partnership with REFLEX”, said Steve Mundell, Director of Product at acQuire. “The introduction of the integrated and automated workflow, means there is less manual handling of data which can lead to data loss and bottlenecks in process. Improved data governance and data quality, and streamlined access to trusted results is the ultimate outcome and this is keystone to acQuire.”

REFLEX’s Global Manager for Integrated Solutions, Michelle Carey, said: “We are excited about the partnership with acQuire and the value we can provide to our clients through the combination of the REFLEXHUB-IQ and acQuire’s GIM software. Our own award winning REFLEXHUB-IQ is now connected to all our popular survey and core orientation tools, offering secure, reliable information instantly from the field to the office. With built-in QC at the time of data collection and secure chain of custody for data workflows, it offers our clients real-time access to valuable information to make instant decisions. Now with an integration into acQuire’s GIM software we can provide a complete geoscientific solution.”

Customers of acQuire and REFLEX will start to benefit from the integration when it is launched in an upcoming release of GIM Suite. The technology partnership is another step in providing acQuire customers with a greater level of connectivity in their operations. REFLEX joins other established acQuire technology partners including Esri, ARANZ Geo, Maptek, Corescan, ALS Ltd, and Geovariances.