Mine in DRC chooses fibreglass grating and handrails from Andrew Mentis

Safety is a key feature in the October issue of International Mining magazine. In that regard, fibreglass products offer enormous benefits when used in corrosive chemical environments such as those found on copper mines. These include increased strength and longevity in harsh applications.

Andrew Mentis, leading supplier of floor grating and handrail products, reports that the company recently supplied its fibreglass floor grating and fibreglass handrail systems to a mine in the DRC. The products are being used in the process plant.

Lance Quinlan, Marketing Manager at Andrew Mentis, says that the composite structural materials used in the construction of both the fibreglass floor grating and the fibreglass handrail give it the requisite characteristics to be used in applications where corrosion is a factor.

“In addition to this, by optimising the glass fibre content in the product the load bearing capacity is optimised, depending on spans of the structure and this is important from a safety perspective; giving customers the necessary reassurance when using fibreglass in place of mild steel products,” he says.

The scope of supplied include floor grating, kick plates, stair treads and a complete handrail system. The floor grating was supplied in standard stock sizes so that tailoring could be done on site.

Quinlan stresses that the fibreglass floor grating is simple to install and does not require welding or end banding. He says it is lightweight making it easy to handle and therefore larger sections can be installed.