Atlas Copco letter of intent with Saab on developing secure digitalised mining ops

Atlas Copco has signed a letter of intent with the defence and security company Saab and its subsidiary, the technology consultancy Combitech. The collaboration goes hand in hand with Atlas Copco’s aggressive investment in secure digitalised mining operations. The collaboration will be based on Atlas Copco’s strong position and years of experience in the mining industry, as well as Combitech’s broad experience from digitalisation of aeronautics, defense and telecommunications operations.

Rationalising mining operations not only result in substantial savings and productivity improvements; it also ensures greater security for Atlas Copco’s customers. Atlas Copco has chosen to initiate a collaboration with Saab and Combitech as the company further advances its digital and automation solutions. A letter of intent outlining their enhanced cooperation has been signed. The new collaboration includes digitalisation efforts related to autonomous mining control tower, cyber security and ecosystem solutions. The collaboration will build upon Saab’s technical platforms and on the working methods and experience that Combitech gained in the course of digitalising the Gripen E fighter aircraft – an effort that cut development time in half while radically reducing costs.

“This collaboration is fully in line with our vision of the digital mine of the future,” said Helena Hedblom, President of Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area. “Many of our customers have already begun the digitalisation process, and plenty of others will soon be on board. Our aim is to support our customers along the way and to meet their increased demands for cyber security and integrated solutions. To shorten the lead time, we’re choosing to team up with the best in the industry. We see great potential in combining our company’s products and experience with Combitech’s technologies,” concluded Hedblom.

“The fact that a world-leading Swedish industrial company has chosen us to be its digitalisation partner feels like a real acknowledgment,” said Combitech’s Deputy CEO, Lars Ydreskog, who is in charge of digitalisation at the company. “It shows that the unique experience we gained while digitalising the Gripen E fighter, in combination with being a leader in cyber security, makes us very attractive to global industry. The collaboration with Atlas Copco is an important step toward achieving our goal of becoming a knowledge hub for the digitalisation of Swedish industry,” concluded Ydreskog.

This collaboration is yet another example of Atlas Copco’s increased focus on the safe digitalisation of mining operations. Earlier this year, Atlas Copco acquired a stake in Mobilaris MCE, a business whose software solutions provide users with a comprehensive picture of the mining operations, real-time positioning, and status information about vehicles, equipment and personnel.