Orlaco FAMOS IR-LED cameras combine advanced tech with robustness

Orlaco says it has fundamentally improved its AMOS IR-LED compact cameras in terms of technology and design. Under the name FAMOS IR-LED, Orlaco says it has combined advanced technology with an integrated, sturdy design. The renewed industrial cameras provide optimal (night) vision in industrial settings, such as on mining equipment.

By upgrading the technology, the design and the assembly, the cameras have become more sustainable and reliable and comply with the highest EMC standards. The FAMOS IR-LED cameras contain four potent LEDs for sufficient light output (0.05 Lux). The IR-LEDs are not on the camera, but are integrated behind the UV-permeable housing. Because of this, the IR-LEDs have better protection and the viewing angle is enlarged. Similar to the AMOS line, the IR-LEDs are separate from the lens in order to prevent loss of light and ensure that the operator has full view. The infrared LEDs are controlled with modern software. Smart algorithms on the advanced CMOS sensor continuously calculate the light circumstances and automatically set the proper IR-LED activation (0-100%) for optimal view, to up to 25 m in the dark.

The FAMOS IR LED cameras “provide perfect image under all circumstances, even during rain, fog and winter.” They operate at temperatures from -40ºC to +85ºC (IR to +55ºC). The camera lens features scratch resistant coating and is constantly heated in order to prevent moisture and congealment. The new, high quality, plastic housing and the two-component automotive potting make the cameras 100% watertight and extra resistant to shocks, vibration, dust, dirt and dangerous substances (IP68 and IP69K). A special, live image-indicator (safety ticker) indicates whether the image is frozen during use.

The FAMOS IR-LED camera is available as a PAL and an NTSC version. The camera features an 80º or 118º angle lens. There is also a version available that automatically displays the image in mirror for rearview (FAMOS IR-LED Mirror), this camera is compatible with third party monitors.