RTL Service releases updated version of RealTrac security system

RTL Service has updated the software of RealTrac Positioning to version 3.1, further improving safety in mining. The update includes:

  • New 3D positioning
  • One single interface for indoor and outdoor position displaying
  • Improved SCADA logic
  • A new report designer.

The main objectives of the RealTrac system are to ensure production safety and to increase business efficiency. The new software version of the RealTrac further improves many parameters as e.g. the response time to hazardous situations and the control of business process execution.

One of the key items of the update is the integration of SCADA logic which allows customers to create logical data processing from positioning and tracking of tags used by vehicles, machines, staff and generic items. This allows the operator to monitor the execution of business processes, to receive notifications of business process violations, to create customized reports based on his requirements, and much more.

RealTrac provides its users with important functionality to implement a digital mine, where full process control, new feedback loops, and further important elements to foster productivity can be obtained.

RTL Service is world leader in solving safety, efficiency, and process knowledge aspects in mining, logistics.