Meridian Mining commissioning of Jaburi plant and production of 50,000 t manganese for 2017

Meridian Mining has begun production at its upgraded Jaburi plant.

  • Reached a total production of 50,000 t of manganese product on December 20, 2017
  • Initial run through of dry material completed
  • Continuous production runs started
  • Current availability is 70% expected to reach 90% plus by the end of the year

The plant is now operating with reduced quantities of material, gradually scaling up production as the company aligns staff, new operational processes with the new equipment. All systems are continually being adjusted with different quantities and variations in material processed, so each stage of production can be optimised.

“The construction and first phase implementation of the new plant has met our expectations and is on schedule,” said Carlos Braga, COO of Meridian. “This is a strong endorsement of our main contractors Kuttner (Kuttner do Brazil Equipmentos Siderúrgicos Ltda.) and the ability of our own staff to partner in this highly complex process.”

The construction of the new plant began in June 2016 with the commencement of civil works and the addition of a new feeder, primary crusher and roll crusher. The commissioned plant will achieve cost savings through additional capacity, a streamlined process, as well as providing reliable conditions for Meridian to achieve its production and safety goals. The expanded capacity will also allow Meridian to further explore and reach out to international niche markets of high grade manganese.

Since acquiring its mining assests in Rondônia, Meridian has produced a total of 100,000 t of manganese. Year to date production reached 50,000 t on December 20, 2017. With the new plant commissioned, the company is now able to increase production targets for 2018 to meet the demand for our high quality product.