Ducon equipment to mitigate atmospheric emissions from lithium ore processing plant

Ducon Environmental Systems, a division of Ducon Technologies has secured a major contract, to supply air pollution control equipment designed to mitigate negative environmental impacts of mining for lithium. For this application, Ducon shall supply a combination of technologies, including its most advanced wet electrostatic precipitator equipment, designed to remove sub-micron particles and acid mist from the exhaust flue gas generated while processing ores containing lithium. The acid mist will be recovered and returned to process.

According to the company, “the increasing demand of energy-efficient, safe, and low-cost batteries is the key factor driving the growth of the lithium ion battery market. Rare earth metals used in the production of lithium-ion battery technologies are currently mined using methods that produce emissions requiring specialized treatment technologies to mitigate adverse impacts on the health of workers and equipment, and to ensure protection of the environment. The current emission regulations on this project require that the flue gas discharging the atmosphere should contain less than 20 ppm of sulphuric acid mist and 0.05 gm/Nm3 of particulate and the proposed Ducon air pollution control system shall meet these regulations.“

“We see great business opportunities for our company in this emerging lithium-ion battery market which is presently valued at $24 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% between by 2022,” said Aron Govil, Chairman of Ducon group of companies (pictured). “We are the leading company with the most advanced and custom engineered air pollution control technology for this market globally.”