Collision avoidance now embedded in Hexagon Mining’s fleet management system

Mine vehicle operators face numerous distractions. Busy pit traffic, blind spots, poor visiblity because of bad weather, fatigue and the monotony of a 12-hour shift can all conspire to divert a driver from their task. The last thing an operator needs on top of all that is a cabin cluttered with display panels.

In keeping with its commitment to help mines with a digitally integrated strategy, Hexagon Mining now embeds collision avoidance technology into its fleet management system: one solution that allows heavy and light vehicles to be seen and heard, no matter their location in a mine.

The integration means an improved user experience, greater oversight for dispatchers, and quicker communication of vital safety and operations data. Client demand for data about safety incidents and their effect on productivity, contributed to Hexagon Mining‘s release of a consolidated system. “It makes sense for safety and operations data to be in a single repository. Now customers can quickly make sense of that data for greater insight into how operator behaviour, environmental conditions, and road conditions affect mine safety and productivity.”

“It’s one more way we are helping customers to run safer, more productive mines using digitally integrated technology. The latest version of our FMS system informs controllers of the location of all vehicles equipped with our Collision Avoidance System, (CAS) and of alerts if, for instance, visibility is poor. Controllers can warn operators to pay more attention, or enforce a lower speed limit to improve safety.”

CAS is used in more than 25,000 mine vehicles in over 55 mines worldwide. Besides CAS anti-collision alerts, the latest version also alerts for rollovers, potential obstacles, and over-speeding. CAS symbols are integrated into the Jigsaw platform so that users of both systems require minimal training during the transition.

“Additionally, vehicles equipped with just CAS are visible in our FMS – one controller, one FMS- CAS system. For instance, now a contract light vehicle equipped with CAS is visible in the FMS. The controller’s life becomes much easier when tasked with monitoring so many types of vehicles.”