La Parilla concentrator contract awarded to allmineral

W Resources, the tungsten, copper and gold exploration and development company with assets in Spain and Portugal, has awarded the design and construct contract for La Parrilla concentrator to allmineral at a contract price of some €8 million.

The concentrator is the third core component of the plant infrastructure for La Parrilla, following the contract awards for the crusher and jig & mill last year, and provides the final stage of beneficiation in the process to produce a 66% tungsten concentrate and 62% tin final concentrate. The robust design put forward by allmineral targets maximum separation efficiency throughout and actively collects the fines generated from various processing stages to be reprocessed in a dedicated scavenging circuit. The layout considers the potential requirement for incremental capacity additions as well as the possibility of an ultrafine falcon circuit addition to maximise recoveries in the future.

Michael Masterman, Chairman of W Resources commented: “The award of the concentrator to allmineral is a significant milestone and a core part of the development and financing program for La Parrilla. All major plant components are now contracted and aligned with the $30 million term loan financing. Germany’s allmineral is responsible on a fixed schedule and price contract for delivery of the both the jig & mill and concentrator providing important integration benefits in project delivery.”