Epiroc introduces Exploration Manager tool

The very essence of exploration drilling is to find out more about the ground below us or above us. With the new drilling and operational analysing tool, Exploration Manager, this task becomes much easier.

Recording of Measure While Drilling (MWD) data has been around for a while, but with an upgraded software on a Diamec Smart underground core drilling rig, Exploration Manager can present operational data that is recorded automatically during the drill cycle. In addition, the tool simplifies the workflow by letting the operator log what activity state the drill rig is in, directly on the rig’s control panel.

Exploration Manager combines all this data and presents it with comprehensive pie charts and graphs on a regular PC. This lets the site manager analyze and find areas of improvement and by comparing one drill rig to another, modern fleet management is taken to a new level.

Exploration Manager will be available for the Diamec Smart-range of underground exploration drill rigs, which all are equipped with the RCS 4 control system. Exploration Manager can be used to visualise only MWD data on the Diamec APC rigs with the RCS 3 control system.

“Digital transformation and adaptability is becoming a vital part in modern strategies. Exploration drilling cannot be different. Added customer values on Diamec Smart together with Exploration Manager, will help our customers in this industry to move on in this journey.” says Ebrahim Nikafroozi, Global Product Manager at Epiroc.