Goldcorp announces the finalists for #DisruptMining 2018

Goldcorp has announced the four finalists and eight semi-finalists for #DisruptMining 2018, an innovation accelerator designed to encourage new technologies and ideas to solve some of the biggest challenges in mining, with a $1 million investment up for grabs. “Over 100 impressive submissions were received, making for a difficult selection process to determine finalists.” The sold-out live finale will take place on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention, where finalists will pitch their concepts in a “shark-tank” style event.

“Our goal was to uncover the next revolutionary concept that will truly disrupt our industry. We were incredibly impressed by the caliber of submissions we received this year and look forward to engaging in discussions with all the semi-finalists and finalists,” stated Goldcorp COO, Todd White. “The four finalists represent the innovative thinking and collaboration our industry needs to ensure mining stays relevant and does its job to fuel the 21st century economy efficiently and responsibly.”

The four finalists pitching their disruptive technology to the panel of judges are:

  • Acoustic Zoom Inc.: Acoustic Zoom aims to unlock the potential of Canada’s mineral exploration sector with high frequency 3D imaging to help map complex geological formations deep within the earth’s micro-structure.  After earning a spot as a semi-finalist in #DisruptMining 2017, Acoustic Zoom is back. A breakthrough in its ultra high-frequency 3D Borehole Seismic imaging method provides an unprecedented resolution of subsurface geological structures, while reducing 3D survey costs by up to 90 percent. Acoustic Zoom’s method is intended to help exploration teams drill smarter, guide planning and achieve investment value quicker with more actionable and accurate information.
  • EnviroLeach Technologies: EnviroLeach has developed the world’s only safe, stable, sustainable, eco-friendly and economic alternative to cyanide. A unique, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the current methods used in the hydrometallurgical extraction of precious metals, including the prolific use of cyanide, strong acids, mercury and smelting processes. The EnviroLeach process, a patented chemistry based on five FDA-approved ingredients, results in a product that is non-toxic, safe to use and provides similar or superior leach kinetics and recoveries to that of cyanide. It’s the first economically and technically viable alternative to the use of cyanide since its introduction in the 1870s. Adoption and application of the EnviroLeach method is expected to help to reduce the environmental impact of mining, streamline permitting processes, improve occupational safety and enhance operational efficiencies.
  • LlamaZOO Interactive Inc.: LlamaZOO Interactive has created MineLife VR, a software platform which enables companies to represent a mine plan from exploration to reclamation in an interactive 1:1 scale using virtual reality, creating efficiencies and value across investor, government, and community relations; resource management; mine planning and reclamation; and business development. Founded by former game designers and developers from Electronic Arts and Microsoft, LlamaZOO’s technology empowers mining companies to tell a better story with their data – making it more accessible and actionable for technical and non-technical stakeholders alike. MineLife VR represents the first time that spatial data of such a large and complex nature has been successfully synthesized into a life-sized, interactive, virtual reality experience. If a picture tells a thousand words then MineLife’s VR lets you experience a million.
  • Open Mineral AG: Open Mineral, founded by former Glencore executives, is digitizing the relic practices of physical commodity trading that has operated the same way for decades.  By expanding the number of suitable metal concentrate counterparties available worldwide, the Open Mineral Exchange is transforming the way physical commodity trading is conducted. With streamlined contract negotiations and execution to increase efficiency and profitability for the participants, Open Mineral is a ‘one-stop shop’ for trade execution with sights on implementing blockchain solutions to further reduce processing time and costs while improving cash-flow in concentrate trade transactions.

Deciding the fate of the four finalists will be:

    • Blanca Treviño, President & CEO, Softtek and Director of Goldcorp
    • George Salamis, President & CEO, Integra Resources
    • Rob McEwen, Founder and CEO, McEwen Mining
    • Knott, University of British Columbia Mining Engineering student and 2017 Engineers Canada Gold Medal Student Award recipient, and
    • Wal van Lierop, President & CEO, Chrysalix Venture Capital

The #DisruptMining Expo
In addition to the four finalists, eight semi-finalists have been chosen for the #DisruptMining Innovation Expo. The Expo will take place on Sunday March 4, 2018 from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST at Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto:

  • Active Minerals: Active Minerals’ Acti-Gel 208 is a natural mineral additive that prevents particle build-up in slurry pipelines, allowing for more efficient transport with vastly reduced water usage.
  • Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc: Earth Alive EA1 is the first microbial technology that is proven effective for dust control. It significantly reduces the amount of dust created by trucks driving on mine roads, creating smoother, cleaner surfaces that require less water to maintain.
  • ELEMISSION Inc: Elemission’s MISSION:CORIOSITY technology is a fully-automated core scanner designed to be easily transportable and operated on-location at exploration and mining sites, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming laboratory studies.
  • Infosys Limited: Infosys’ BlastAID improves the efficiency, accuracy and predictability of blasting at mine sites, making blasting safer and reducing clean-up time.
  • Minerva Intelligence Inc: Minerva Intelligence translates human knowledge and experience into data that machines can understand, improving the machine’s ability to accurately identify exploration targets.
  • Safescape: Safescape Edge Protector is a safer alternative to traditional means of edge protection on haul roads and allows for reduced haul road width.
  • Synergen Met Pty Ltd: Synergen is developing the world’s only modular, transportable plant that makes sodium cyanide at the mine site, reducing transportation of hazardous materials to site and allowing for just-in-time supply.
  • VEERUM: VEERUM’s Digital Twin Platform bridges the gap between what is envisioned in the planning phase of a project and the reality on the ground, allowing for more accurate decision-making, earlier in the process.

Net proceeds from the #DisruptMining finale event will be invested in the future of the mining industry through innovation-focused scholarships. Goldcorp also thanked co-host KPMG and marquis sponsor Hard-Line.