Iodine: Chile’s SQM reports record sales

Roskill reports that SQM has stated that it has regained market share in the iodine and derivatives market to over 35% following record sales volume of 12,700 t compared to 10,200 t in 2016. Average prices were around $20/kg or around 12% lower compared to 2016 but showed a slight improvement of 5% in second half of the year. SQM expects price to continue to rise into 2018 when average prices will be slightly higher than in 2017.

In 2017, SQM began work on expanding iodine capacity at its Nueva Victoria facility and by the end of the year reported an effective total capacity of 11,000 t/y. The company expects to complete its expansion program during the second half of 2018 when total effective capacity will rise to 14,000 t/y.