New gold recovery products from Gekko

Gekko and CSIRO are partnering to commercialise a new technology that provides real-time analysis for gold content in a slurry or solution stream. Delivering an updated sub-parts per million (ppm) Au measurement every 10 minutes, the OnLine Gold Analyser (OLGA) provides insights into process performance that are unobtainable with assayed sample sets. While traditionally assayed samples consist of homogenised samples that are collected once per shift and then delayed up to 12 hours by lengthy processing, OLGA provides live data. This enables real time monitoring and adjustment of process systems and empowers mining operators to minimise gold losses from process excursions.

Complimenting Gekko’s existing Carbon Scout measurement system, OLGA will enhance Gekko’s metallurgical accounting system which is currently under development in collaboration with Rockwell Automation.

CSIRO Research Director – Nick Cutmore: “OLGA is a breakthrough in on-line analysis for the gold industry and we are excited to be able to work with Gekko in its implementation.”

Gekkos’ OnLine Gold Analyser is specifically designed to enable direct measurement of gold in tailings, feed and concentrate slurries streams down to sub-ppm levels, unlike conventional X-ray fluorescence (XRF) systems that have detection limits in the tens to hundreds of ppm range.

The system is delivered to site fully pre-calibrated using a range of samples representative of the plant stream allowing fast installation and commissioning into the existing process plant. As the system measures a sample slurry stream, it can be taken offline without interruption to production.

Following successful in-house testing at CSIRO, OLGA is now ready for field testing. Plans for field trials at a number of Australian gold mining companies are well advanced and should see OLGA undergo full product release early in 2019.

Gekko is also introducing GoldiLOX , an advanced leach accelerant able to increase gold recovery while shortening intensive cyanidation times, making gold production a faster and more effective process.

Using a cyanide-based solution to ‘leach’ gold is of course one of the most common processes used by mines to extract gold from ores and concentrates. The all-new GoldiLOX has been specially formulated to speed up this process, allowing more gold to be recovered more often, increasing plant throughout and gold production.

Lead free and packaged in 10 Kg buckets, GoldiLOX is easy to transport to site and use. It is added either as a single manual addition or prepared as a 5 to 10% solution and dosed automatically.

“GoldiLOX is not only an effective leach accelerant, it also costs a fraction of other alternatives in the market today. We have taken orders from a number of mine sites and several others have shown interest” said Ulf Torpman, Gekko’s After Sales Support Manager.

Gekko’s Metallurgical Laboratory works with clients to determine the optimum addition rate to maximise economic recoveries using GoldiLOX.