Rio Tinto first to receive Aluminium Stewardship Initiative certification

Rio Tinto is the first company in the world to receive certification under the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), the highest internationally recognized standard for robust environmental, social and governance practices across the aluminium lifecycle of production, use and recycling.

By using ASI certified aluminium, manufacturers and end users will now be able to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable supply chain.

Rio Tinto Aluminium Chief Executive Alf Barrios said “We expect responsible aluminium production will become increasingly important for our customers and the consumers who buy their products.

“Rio Tinto is proud to take this pioneering step as the first company to achieve ASI certification, which continues our industry leadership on sustainability and responsible production as we work closely with customers to meet their needs. We launched the first certified low carbon aluminium, RenewAl, in 2016 and produce some of the best quality, lowest carbon footprint aluminium in the world at our Canadian smelters.

Behre Dolbear congratulated Rio Tinto noting that it is a strong advocate for a de-commoditizing of the mineral and metals market based on the sustainability measures.

Lachlan Broadfoot, Behre Dolbear CEO, noted at yesterday’s New York Mining Club lunch that “Creating opportunities that enable miners, refiners and buyers to achieve a differentiated price for sustainably extracted minerals would benefit those mines who have delivered strong environmental results, conscientious companies who rely on the mineral supply chain and an increasingly concerned society.”

Broadfoot added that, “If we, as a society, can achieve a structural change in how commodities, and specifically their environmental footprint, are measured and priced then we can achieve real breakthroughs in technology deployment and capital allocated to improve sustainability in mining. Larry Fink, Blackrock Chairman and CEO, recently noted businesses need a purpose beyond returns to shareholders and we believe there is no greater opportunity for this than in the mineral supply chain. We agree that this shift will drive not only investors own investment returns, but also the prosperity and security of their fellow citizens.”

The rapid expansion in battery metals demand is highlighting the need for all players across the supply chain to better understand their mineral choices.