Epiroc further widens electric offer with Minetruck MT2010 Battery

The newest machine to be added to Epiroc’s commanding fleet of electric-powered equipment is the Minetruck MT2010 Battery, now ready to roll in mining operations throughout North America. “The Minetruck MT2010 Battery is a sleek and sturdy truck, specially built to transport heavy loads of up to 20 t through narrow underground passages.”

“The electric Minetruck shares all the merits of its internationally popular Minetruck MT2010 diesel counterpart, including a compact design, hard-wearing components, fast incline speeds and easy manoeuverability. However, the Minetruck MT2010 Battery extends its own list of honours by driving away from fossil fuels towards a zero-emission future.”

“The diesel-fuelled Minetruck MT2010 has earned an excellent reputation in tough environments across the globe,” relates Travis Battley, Business Line Manager at Epiroc Canada. “But we switched on an even better source of power two years ago with the successful launch of our Scooptram ST7 Battery. Now we’re happy to add our electric Minetruck to the emission-free work force that can boost productivity in operations with an eye on the future.”

Today, Epiroc offers a full portfolio of diesel-free underground mining equipment including electric drill rigs, loaders, ground support machinery and trucks such as the Minetruck MT2010 Battery, which has undergone more than 20,000 hours of rigorous field tests and operating trials to ensure optimal performance and dependability.

“A high-longevity battery keeps the Minetruck up and running during lengthy shifts. It can be replaced in a matter of minutes, or quickly charged to tackle the next workload. The diesel-free powertrain eliminates harmful particulate and gas emissions and generates much less noise and waste heat. Personnel can thus enjoy a quieter, healthier work environment, while mining operations can greatly reduce the otherwise sky-high costs related to underground ventilation and cooling.

“We are committed to science and technology at Epiroc, and we willingly assume our responsibility in reducing the mining industry’s carbon footprint,” says Travis Battley, Business Line Manager at Epiroc Canada. “Our goal is zero-emission mining. This is a power change that changes everything.”