Werner and Mark Baller – innovators in bulk handling

Werner Baller and son Mark have been nominated to the International Technology Mining Hall of Fame in the Bulk Handling category for the WEBA Chute System. Werner is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the South-African based company. This leading global producer of customised bulk material transfer chutes serves hundreds of clients in more than 15 countries worldwide. Current Managing Director of WEBA Chute Systems is Mark who in his own right has over 20 years’ experience in the mining industry, in manufacturing and project management.

The WEBA Chute System is based on the lined ‘super tube’ or cascade system, whereby much of the material runs on material always. The bottom layer of particles in the product stream moves in a tumbling motion and subsequently does not slide down the chute. This not only reduces the wear significantly, but in many cases the lip remains completely covered by material and never needs replacement.

The WEBA Chute System takes this means of controlling material movement a step further by designing the internal angle of the transfer chute to match the product discharge velocity with the belt speed, which eliminates or greatly reduces spillage. Extensive experience and technical expertise, coupled with applications knowledge, has positioned WEBA Chute Systems as the leader in its field.

Each WEBA Chute System is custom designed for a specific application, considering factors such as belt width, belt speed, material size and shape, as well as throughput. When applied to a greenfield project, this transfer system achieves the optimum design configuration for a specific application.

The inductees to the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame will be announced later this year.