Minemax iGantt 5.3 launches with optimisation enhancements

Activity-based open-pit and underground production scheduling is set to get even easier with the launch of iGantt 5.3, according to Minemax.

iGantt integrates Gantt chart, 3D mine visualisation and dynamic reporting into one platform to schedule multiple mining processes.

“This release includes optimisation enhancements as well as improved management of Gantt chart activities through intelligent highlighting of related activities,” Minemax said.

Joe Kraft, General Manager of Minemax Americas, said users need to ensure activity dependencies are correct for a mine schedule to be valid.

“While dependency checking is possible through iGantt’s visual 3D animation of a schedule, our users also wanted to be able to validate specific dependencies in the Gantt chart,” he said. “With version 5.3, they can now do that by clicking on an activity to see preceding and following activities highlighted.”

For iGantt users who have the Optimizer edition, iGantt now has an updated version of the underlying optimisation engine that provides faster “solve times” across a large collection of benchmark datasets. Reporting benefits include export of the activity report into a pivot table format.