BELAZ innovates again with autonomous mining wheel loader

At the recent INNOPROM show in Yekaterinburg, where BELAZ, VIST Robotics (a subsidiary of VIST Group) and contractor Region 42 signed an agreement on the implementation of the Intelligent Mine system using autonomous BELAZ dump trucks, BELAZ also showcased its new unmanned front-end loader, the BELAZ-78250, located at the factory testing grounds, and demonstrated its operation from a remote workstation located in Yekaterinburg (at a distance of about 2,500 km). The loader has a bucket capacity of 11.5 m3 and payload capacity of up to 22 t.

Currently, the first stage of the project has been completed, and the front-end loader BELAZ-78250 has all the functionality of autonomous movement, as well as remote control for loading operations. The next stage is full automation of loading operations. The loader itself will create the 3D model of rock mass intended for loading, determine the order of operations, and relate its movement to the position of the dump truck. The functions of the remotely located operator will be in fact only to issue the task at the beginning of the work and additional actions in special situations. This will make it possible for one operator to control from three to five autonomous loaders.

The front-end loader BELAZ-78250 together with autonomous dump truck BELAZ-7513R will comprise the full-scale loading and delivery complex that will operate autonomously with the possibility of remote control.