MGX engages Hatch to advise on scaling up of its rapid lithium extraction technology

MGX Minerals Inc has announced the engagement of Hatch Ltd to advise it on the scaling of the company’s rapid lithium extraction technology in the western United States. Hatch will provide strategic review and recommendations to implement large-scale application of the technology, including comprehensive review of rapid lithium extraction technology including flow systematics, processes and more to further establish confidence in the scaling of technology and processes; and high level project engineering scope and timeline schedule for buildout

MGX has developed a rapid lithium extraction technology, eliminating or greatly reducing the physical footprint and investment in large, multi-phase, lake sized, lined evaporation ponds, as well as enhancing the quality of extraction and recovery across a complex range of brines as compared with traditional solar evaporation. This technology is applicable to petrolithium (oil and gas wastewater), natural brine, and other brine sources such as lithium-rich mine and industrial plant wastewater. The technology was recently chosen as winner of the Base and Specialty Metals Industry Leadership Award at the 2018 S&P Global Platts Global Metals Awards, held in London in May 2018.