CENGN to fund mining comms tech in new initiative for trialling at NORCAT

The CENGN – Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, has put out a call for expressions of interest in its new Smart Mining Initiative. Under the Next Generation Network Program, CENGN is looking to fund “innovative projects across Ontario that demonstrate flexible, cost-effective, enhanced communications systems for mining.”

The expressions of interest will be evaluated by CENGN. Multiple companies may be awarded funding. CENGN will be providing funding for individual projects up to $500k from its Smart Mining initiative as part of the Next Generation Network Program. It is expected that industry will co-invest by contributing cash and/or in-kind to the project of an equivalent amount to the request from CENGN. Proponents are welcome to submit proposals not exceeding a CENGN ask of C$500,000.
“Technologies to address the requirement for enhanced communications systems within the mining industry. With the increasing demand for real-time video, voice communications, remotely operated and autonomous equipment, IoT devices, big data, and AI applications, there is an increasing need for communications infrastructure that can meet all of these needs. In order to provide an environment to effectively demonstrate the value of the communications systems, CENGN has partnered with NORCAT to allow for the installation of the systems in the NORCAT Underground Centre, an underground operating mine located in Onaping, Ontario.”
The purpose of the installation will not only be to demonstrate the effectiveness of the communications infrastructure, but also to provide a testbed that may be utilised by other Canadian companies wishing to demonstrate their technology, which could demonstrate use cases on the installed infrastructure. It is key that the proposed infrastructure will be open and accessible by other companies in order to further drive the commercialisation of other technologies.”
In order to facilitate the establishment and continued operation of the testbed, applicants must be ready to:
• Provide all necessary infrastructure equipment including hardware, software, and supporting materials to
install their equipment in the NORCAT Underground Centre
• Provide necessary labour and/or support to install the equipment in the Centre
• Fully commission the communications system
• Provide ongoing support to maintain the system at an optimum state of operation for a period of three years
• Provide access to the infrastructure at the request of CENGN or NORCAT to allow third parties to utilise the
infrastructure for the purpose of testing/validating/demonstrating complementary technologies
• Demonstrate compliance to all regulatory requirements to ensure technology is safe in accordance with
operating mines in Canada
The EOIs are due on, or before 5:00pm Friday, September 28, 2018 and must be submitted by email to [email protected]