Magna tyres find their way to Africa’s largest coal mine

One of the largest mining contractors in the world operating in Africa’s largest coal mine has selected 40.00R57 Magna MA04+C Giant tyres for its Cat 793D rigid dump trucks.

Magna says outstanding tyres are essential for the transport of huge amounts of coal to cover the total haul distance from the pit to the dump area without any downtime or failures and its own tyres fit that bill.

Magna’s proven track record regarding premium quality giant tyres was enough to convince the client, according to the company. The contractors is now benefitting from increased productivity and reduced operating costs as a result of the tyre selection, Magna added.

“The all-steel radial constructed tyres especially designed for coal applications are extremely suitable for the severe conditions in which they are used. The deep aggressive E4 tread pattern and excellent resistance to sidewall damages makes this Giant tyre extremely durable,” Magna said.

As part of Magna’s added value, a site visit to the coal mine including an application analysis and quality check on current running MA04+ tyres was organised. This check showed an “impressive toughness and efficiency” which will result in a reduction in costs per hour to operate the trucks, according to Magna.

In addition, recommendations on compounds for other dump trucks from the contractor’s mining fleet have been given in order to provide the client with the best suitable Giant Magna tyres in the near future.