Bis brings step change in flexibility and efficiency with Rexx haul truck

Australian resource logistics company Bis has launched a new mine haulage product, Rexx, as it looks to offer companies a “step change in flexibility and efficiency”.

Rexx is a haul truck built to carry a 160-t payload and travel more than four times further than conventional dump trucks.

The product will form part of Bis’ suite of bespoke load and haul solutions, which also includes Dual Powered Road Trains, providing a highly competitive, integrated mine haulage solution for its mining customers, the company says.

“Bis has leveraged its unique position as both a leading mine haulage operator and as a proven OEM (through its subsidiary Powertrans) to design and build Rexx in-house, in Perth, Western Australia,” the company said.

Speaking at the product launch in Perth, Bis Chief Executive Officer Brad Rogers said Rexx was a game changer for mine haulage, incorporating the best features of long-haul road trains and short-haul mine trucks.

“Rexx’s robust and simple design leverages our existing knowledge and resources. This has meant we were able to keep our manufacturing costs low, allowing Bis to deliver savings to customers through our service delivery model,” he said.

“At Bis, we are driven by bringing technology and innovation to our customers to deliver real value. We are very excited about the opportunity that Rexx creates for a whole range of mining operations in Australia and internationally.”

Rexx has been designed to operate on narrower, lower specification roads. The design offers a smoother ride and better visibility for operators and dramatically improved tyre management, according to Bis. The haul truck has also been designed for ease of maintenance.

Rexx’s greater distance capability eliminates the need for double handling and its associated risks, Bis says.

Designed with the highest safety requirements in mind, Rexx is equipped with Bis’ fatigue management system, as well as 360°-view cameras and reversing cameras for greater hazard management.

Earlier this month, Bis expanded its underground mining services offering with the acquisition of UGM.