New Precision Periodic single process to refine multiple precious metals/PGMs from leached ore

Using a proprietary process developed by students from University of Central Florida (UCF), the Precision Periodic Mining Filtration System extracts and refines, in one process, multiple precious and platinum group metals from industry standard leached ore, eliminating the issues of specificity and contamination. The entire process from filtration to the collection and separation of multiple metals is completed in under 90 minutes and the post process refined results for gold and silver are 18k gold and 95% silver. The company will be demonstrating the process live on November 29 at the University of Central Florida Incubator Center. Invited to join this event are mining industry professionals such as mining company employees, refiners, equipment providers, consultants, and media.

“Our Mining Filtration System not only increases revenues but also significantly reduces cost. There are four major advancements that our mining filtration system provides and each alone provides huge benefits. These are: 1. Extracts multiple metals in one process; 2. Post process metals are refined, gold is 18k or better and silver 95%; 3. Time to process from leached ore to refined is 75 minutes for one metal and 15 minutes for each additional; 4. Can replace cyanide leaching with much safer chlorination leaching and eliminate carbon altogether,” says Brian J Andrew Chief Operating Officer of Precision Periodic. He continues: “The advancements are so significant that we truly believe the industry experts will have to see it to believe it which is why we are announcing our capabilities along with an event to come see it for yourself.”

“For the demonstration Precision Periodic will extract gold and silver from chlorinated leached ore that contains multiple metals such as copper, iron, and nickel. This will be done in a true lab environment. Attendees will first hand see the complete process from chlorinated leached ore to the end process result of 18k Au and 95% Ag. Precision Periodic’s Mining Filtration System can extract 95-99% of all metal content. Chemical and non-chemical mining operations having alluvial and/or complex ores can benefit from increased yield through Precision Periodic Mining Filtration System that can recover gold and silver to 20,000 mesh. For those who have stockpiled their concentrates or tailings, the Precision Periodic Mining Filtration System presents a unique opportunity to get more value out of what they have already mined.”