Introducing GroundProbe’s new SSR-Omni, its most advanced slope stability radar to date

GroundProbe has released the latest in Slope Stability Radar monitoring technology, the SSR-Omni. It’s the industry’s most advanced system to date, with the highest specifications and a range of superior features. “It’s the highest spec radar on the market,” said John Beevers, CEO of GroundProbe. “It has a 360 degree angle for complete coverage from inside the pit, and from a huge 5.6 km away can see rock move 0.1mm in real time. It also features the highest definition of 0.08 degree pixels, meaning smaller rocks can be detected through millions of measurements recorded every couple of minutes.”

Not only featuring the best of radar technology, the SSR-Omni also offers the best of software, cameras and imaging, positioning systems and a weather station to deliver a premium, fit-for-purpose monitoring solution. “The camera has a 180 degree field of view and is 40 megapixels in resolution, which is unlike anything the industry has seen before,” said Lachlan Campbell, GroundProbe’s VP of Marketing and Technology. “Users can conduct inspections remotely from the comfort of their desk using the dual-feed, live video streaming functionality of the camera.”

GroundProbe is a world leader in real-time, sub-millimetre deformation monitoring, having commercialised the first patented Slope Stability Radar in 2001. Over the subsequent 17 years, it has continued to reinvent the technology, “ensuring each iteration and addition is more reliable and importantly, continues to deliver accurate information for users to act on.” The SSR-Omni is the newest addition to the comprehensive suite of products; one that ensures they have the right solution for every mine site, specific to their needs.

“Our customers are faced with challenging geotechnical issues on a daily basis,” said Beevers. “We work with our customers to understand these challenges, and we tailor our product development to those learnings. The SSR-Omni joins our ever-growing suite of products as the new market leader for real-time monitoring, suitable for even the most complex geotechnical and operational environments.”

GroundProbe says it has always been on the forefront of innovation in terms of features and functionality, yet also recognising the importance of relying on its tried and tested mechanical engineering experience and data processing techniques. “The market was looking for a mobile, long-range solution with the highest of resolution qualities, but we weren’t willing to compromise on the reliability or usability of the system,” said Campbell. “The SSR-Omni is built on our latest platform and includes the most robust hybrid diesel generator system in the industry, so we know it’s tough. But we also manage our data with the smartest of processing algorithms, ensuring that our system is not only mechanically reliable, but that it delivers precise and manageable data for the end user.”