Three tiers for RCT’s ControlMaster automation packages

RCT has looked to broaden its automation package with three products suited to various levels of technology adoption that can be tailored to mine-specific installations.

The company’s ControlMaster® automation solutions encompass surface and underground mines to help increase productivity and profitability on site.

In the past year, its solutions have broadened extensively to directly meet industry demands and will continue to do so into the future, the company said.

“Unlike other automation solutions on the market, RCT’s offering is unique in that it’s agile across all mobile machines, regardless of make or model; making it ideal for site’s operating mixed fleets and those not wanting to replace existing infrastructure,” RCT says.

RCT’s Automation and Control Product Manager Brendon Cullen said: “RCT knows there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to automation. Different mine sites are at different stages and the majority of them are operating diverse fleets.

“We wanted to ensure we are able to supply various levels of automation to suit client’s equipment and requirements while empowering them with the options of making staged upgrades if, and when required down the track.”

Part of this journey was the ability to adapt and deliver new features to the market to ensure clients get the most out of the company’s autonomous equipment, RCT said.

Starting its automation journey is RCT’s Guidance Automation package; driverless technology that allows the operator to control machines from the comfort of an Automation Centre (pictured).

Cullen said: “Guidance Automation has already proven to combat operator fatigue considerably as less concentration is required to keep mobile machines from hitting the drive walls allowing operators to focus on the important tasks like digging.”

The Guidance Automation package includes Point-to-Point; which allows a machine to tram from one point to the other with the simple push of a button.

“It will stay on the optimal path, with no intervention needed. This feature improves tramming time, reduces machine damage and improves productivity and profitability,” Cullen said.

In addition to this, the package addresses the demand for more relevant information with – Guidance Dash (G-Dash). This additional screen empowers operators with real-time information on their machine and surroundings, according to the company.

Used in conjunction with RCT’s ControlMaster® Guidance, G-Dash gives operators a graphical representation of the machine displaying its articulation angle, waypoint, locations, machine’s speed, RPM and pitch and roll. This ensures it’s placed in the best position for the ideal dig every time, RCT says.

RCT’s Guidance Expand is the next package, offering additional optional extras to further enhance Guidance Automation to suit specific mine requirements.

“This allows clients to add certain features that are necessary to improve the autonomous process,” Cullen said.

“Clients might only have the need for one or two additional features and this option allows clients to select the options they deem necessary to suit their purposes.”

Expand comprises of Select, Control, AutoNav, AutoLoad, DigAssist and G-Data, all of which empower operators with more information and enable them to further increase productivity, RCT says.

“These advanced options allow sites to implement step-by-step autonomous advancements,” Cullen said.

Rounding out the release is RCT’s Infinite package, which combines all the “latest technology available to deliver the full mining solution; allowing clients to stay at the forefront with our technological advancements”, RCT says.

At present this includes Automation, Traffic Management, Telematics, Network, People and Asset Tracking, Integration and more.

“We are constantly innovating at RCT and our clients on the Infinite package will be the first to experience our advancements,” Cullen said.