Total Optimizer allows mines to track overall energy consumption

Optimizer is a new solution from Total, described as “a simple and smart management tool that analyses your site’s energy consumption for a range of products while using cutting-edge technology to generate insightful reports and trigger custom alerts based on your site’s needs.” Total says that this digital solution will help mines establish and roll out energy-saving action plans on a single and secure web-based platform that they can access anywhere, worldwide.

“More than just a fuel management system, Optimizer allows your company to track your overall energy consumption – this includes fuel, lubricants, electricity, and CO2 emissions. This innovative solution is available to anyone in the mining industry, regardless if you are a client of Total or not. Because Optimizer is able to be plugged into any existing systems – OEM, FMS, ERP, SCADA etc – it is easy to set up, easy to use, and cost effective for mining sites. Optimizer is designed for people at every level in the company and in every field of expertise. This means that our solution will help every department at your site supervise its activity and monitor its own KPIs. Top management can consolidate statistics into a general overview of the site’s operations to fine-tune its strategy and have a clear understanding of energy cost per tonne.”

The teams tasked with improving performance have more accurate indicators to step up the site’s cost-efficiency. “Procurement departments also use our solution to optimise inventory and cut unnecessary costs. Maintenance can better monitor vehicle cycles to enhance equipment efficiency. Smarter maintenance scheduling reduces breakdowns and increases vehicle availability. On the operations side that means more production, which leads to higher profits. Our solution also significantly enhances site safety by lowering the risk of accidents (eco-driving) and reducing theft. Optimizer provides a detailed view of every aspect of site management, adding up to a strategic tool that covers all of your requirements.”

In addition, the maintenance team can create their own personalised KPIs that will allow them to benchmark the vehicles by equipment category and the lubricants used for preventive maintenance. They can set specific alerts to monitor key equipment and reduce maintenance costs. “Optimizer also makes it easy to compare your actual equipment consumption on your site versus your scheduled or budgeted consumption, which allows for quick savings. By enhancing your lubrication management and monitoring your equipment cycles, your mining site can improve overall maintenance efficiency. Lastly, you can use Optimizer to organize eco-driving contests for the vehicles with the highest fuel burn rates in your fleet. These contests will do more than prompt your drivers to use vehicles more energy-efficiently and cut costs within days: they will also increase safety, shrink your environmental footprint, and extend the life of your vehicles.”