Outotec to cut costs at Canada nickel mine with mine paste backfill system

Outotec has been awarded a contract to design and deliver a mine paste backfill system for a nickel mine in Canada.

The contract price was not disclosed, but similar deliveries are typically valued at €20-30 million ($23-34 million), the company said. The order has been booked into Outotec’s March quarter intake.

Outotec’s order includes the design and delivery of a complete paste backfill system to service two underground orebodies. The paste backfill system, which comes with a higher degree of accuracy for binder addition, will reduce operating costs and allow the company to fully exploit the underground deposits, according to Outotec. The facility is expected to be commissioned towards the end of 2020 with a capacity of 300 t/h.

Kimmo Kontola, head of Outotec Minerals Processing business, said: “We are pleased to support our customer to improve their tailings management in a sustainable way. Outotec has vast expertise in mine backfill design and experience delivering paste plants. This project further solidifies our position in this market.”