ESCO launching GET Detect Monitoring system for mining shovels

ESCO, now a Weir Group division is a global market leader in GET with a wealth of knowledge from over 100 years of developing wear solutions. Given industry trends towards autonomous mining and the need for data-driven solutions, ESCO says it is investing in innovative products to make our customers successful and create a sustainable future. “A critical need is immediate detection of bucket component loss. ESCO understands the impact such an event can have – unplanned stoppage of operations, potential equipment damage, and the safety risk during the required maintenance.”

ESCO plans the release of a revolutionary parts monitoring system for mining shovels in Q2 2019. The initial release will be for the Nemisys® Mining Lip System with plans to expand this to other ESCO mining systems. The GET Detect System provides instant feedback to the machine operator for GET component loss so the machine can be shut down to avoid damage to the bucket lip system and the necessary steps taken to prevent lost parts from damaging expensive crushing equipment. The Nemisys lip components are equipped with sensors that are monitored in real-time by two receiving antennae on the exterior of the machine. In event of component loss, the machine operator receives an audible signal and a visual indication on a screen at what location the component loss occurred.