The automation ready new Epiroc Pit Viper PV-231 available from Spring 2019

Epiroc automation and digital solutions can be used to connect work sites in many surface and underground applications, and the company will continue to add to its suite. For example, the automation-ready Epiroc Pit Viper PV-231 surface blasthole drills will become available in Spring 2019.

The Pit Viper series of surface blasthole drills offers Rig Control Systems (RCS) with automation capabilities as standard. The RCS is entering its fifth generation, building on the proven RCS4 platform with operational enhancements. Customers have the ability to operate their Pit Vipers manually with automated assistance or to utilise the platform for fully autonomous operation experienced today at mines around the world.

Since its debut at MINExpo 2016, the PV-231 has undergone 18 months of successful field testing at a gold mine in Nevada. “The drills deliver application flexibility, fuel-efficient performance and enhanced safety with outstanding operator comfort and ease of maintenance.”

“The PV-231 builds on the innovation and success of the Pit Viper PV-235, which is operating at more than 20 major mine sites, while maintaining the highest levels of productivity and reliability. One customer base looking to get as much value out of a single-pass surface drill is the gold market. Epiroc has worked with many gold mining companies to make the drilling process more productive and efficient with the PV-231.”