CWT ERM launches new version of travel workflow management platform

CWT Energy, Resources and Marine has launched a new version of ERM mobility, a workflow management platform that allows companies to manage complex travel needs through one single interface.

The company, a unit of global travel management company CWT, said the new release helps reduce complexity, speed up processes, boost safety and save money.

Raphaël Pasdeloup, Senior VP and Global Head of CWT Energy, Resources & Marine, said: “Travel in the energy, resources and marine industry can be a hugely complicated business, involving crew rotations to the world’s most difficult places via commercial flights, chartered planes, helicopters, or speedboats, fleets of buses, camp and site accommodation, and dozens of different service providers. ERM mobility ties it all together, making travel simple.

According to Pasdeloup, the company’s clients save around 15%, spend up to 75% less time on booking – and “get much more control over their travel programme”.

CWT said: “ERM mobility consolidates all the myriad data sources and processes into a single seamless workflow, with all the complexity hidden away behind an easy-to-use interface. CWT ERM can, thus, provide travellers with a fully-integrated booking solution, which looks and handles like a consumer-grade product.”

Logistics coordinators use a single touchpoint to access all aspects of commercial and remote site travel management, according to the company. Meanwhile, travel managers get accurate, real-time information on each traveller, enabling them to react quickly and effectively in emergencies like extreme weather events, industrial accidents, or security incidents.

The company concluded: “By combining and consolidating all the data flows involved in travel – commercial and specialist, global and local – the ERM mobility platform also delivers clean, consistent data for financial reporting, efficient workforce management and optimisation of travel spend.”