Hazer Group eyes commercial synthetic graphite goal as pilot plant tests recommence

ASX-listed Hazer Group says its Fluidised Bed Reactor (FBR) pilot plant has been relocated from Sydney to Kwinana, in Perth, Australia, and the company is ready to re-commence its testing programme.

The Hazer FBR pilot plant is now located next to the Paddle Tube Reactor (PTR) pilot plant, being developed by Mineral Resources in accordance with the cooperation agreement executed by the two companies back in December 2017. This pact covered the design and construction of a commercial-scale synthetic graphite facility, with Mineral Resources funding all commercial development and Hazer providing intellectual property and technical assistance.
Hazer said Mineral Resources’ PTR pilot plant has also commenced commissioning.

Hazer is undertaking the commercialisation of the Hazer Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process. The Hazer process enables the effective conversion of natural gas and similar methane feedstocks, into hydrogen and high-quality graphite, using iron ore as a process catalyst. The FBR pilot plant allows the company to trial the Hazer process.

Hazer CEO, Geoff Ward, said: “We are very pleased that these important milestones have been achieved and we look forward to seeing the results from the PTR pilot plant over the coming months as we progress our collaboration with Mineral Resources to develop a commercial synthetic graphite production facility.

“With regards to the Hazer FBR programme, the outstanding results achieved in 2018 have given us the confidence to proceed into front-end engineering and design studies for a commercial demonstration plant (CDP).

“As previously advised, these studies have progressed well and are expected to be completed in April. We are continuing to work with potential offtake hydrogen partners, gas suppliers and project funders to bring together the first commercial Hazer facility.”

The company is targeting securing all the necessary project agreements to take a final investment decision on the CDP by mid-2019, with a projected commencement date for the CDP of the December quarter of 2020.