Johnson Matthey Mining CRT system to tackle underground emissions by removing particulates & NOx

Johnson Matthey has introduced an advanced system to control emissions from diesel underground mining equipment for healthier work environments. Mines can be challenging environment for operators looking to achieve high standards of health and safety. Emissions form part of the problem, with confined spaces meaning workers can be intimately exposed to high levels of ultrafine diesel particulate and elevated levels of NO2 emissions. At the same time, productivity demands mean there is a critical requirement for equipment availability.

Johnson Matthey’s Mining CRT® systems are the first technologies proven to control both diesel particulate matter and harmful NO2 emissions from diesel underground mining equipment. These systems destroy 99% of the number of particulates, allowing mine operators to confidently maintain clean air in these confined space environments.

Johnson Matthey was the first to develop and patent the Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT) technology that uses a catalyst to regenerate the diesel particulate filter, which traps the particulate matter in diesel exhaust. The Mining CRT technologies build upon the highly effective, market-leading CRT technology, and incorporate a specially formulated catalyst for decomposing harmful NO2 into a safer emission.

Jack Carroll, Sales Manager, said: “Mine operators no longer have to choose between miner health or productivity.  Clean air, miner safety, and mine sustainability can all be accomplished with this very effective technology.”

“And as a world leader in diesel emission control products, for both on and off highway, we are well placed to ensure reliability for very challenging underground mining operations.”