BTI adds to Mine Runner utility vehicle capabilities

Breaker Technology (BTI) recently released its Extended Wheel Base (EWB) Mine Runner, a mine utility vehicle that, it says, is purpose-built for the rugged underground environment.

Offering an extended chassis and improved payloads (from 4,000-6,000 Ib (1,814-2,722 kg)), the Mine Runner is also able to keep the total cost of ownership lower than other brands, BTI said.

John Wittenberg, Product Manager at Breaker Technology, said: “High uptime and low maintenance costs are given with the hydraulic all-wheel drive. Active braking from the hydraulic circuit eliminates conventional brake and axle wear significantly, reducing the cost of ownership.”

The Mine Runner utility vehicle is powered by BTI’s Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD), a fluid-controlled power train, resulting in 40% more efficiency than other vehicles with a conventional power train, it says. BTI explained: “This means there are fewer parts to maintain or replace, offering a lower total cost of ownership, and contributes to the longevity of the equipment. The HWD system offers lower emissions, which also saves on ventilation and energy costs for the mine.”

The vehicle can be customised for operational demands; whether it’s a personnel carrier, utility truck or simple flat deck, an increased payload and extended chassis allow mines to move more people and supplies through the tunnel safely, BTI said.

Wittenberg added: “The higher 6,000-Ib payload and extended wheelbase maximises the usefulness of the machine by providing a multi-person, multipurpose platform for crew and gear with an unsurpassed payload and speed in a compact package.”

The Mine Runner is easy to drive with its patented Advanced Braking and Tramming technology, giving the driver traction control with an automotive-style accelerator and service brake pedal, according to BTI.

Both the primary braking (service brakes) and the secondary braking (emergency brakes) are designed and tested to meet and exceed the regional braking standard and performance for underground mining machines. The tested and independently certified ROPS/FOPS operator and personnel cabins are standard with ergonomic seating and HVAC, the company said.

BTI initially released its standard Mine Runner All Purpose Vehicle in 2014. The standard Mine Runner’s personnel carrier is designed to transport up to eight passengers but can also be configured for other operational needs. It still offers a low total cost of ownership, providing mines with a safe and budget-conscious vehicle while keeping people and supplies safe when traveling through the underground mining environment, according to BTI.