MICROMINE bundles up convenience & value with subs service

The way we consume products is changing and MICROMINE is offering customers a new way to license its industry-leading software solutions – via subscription.

Offering flexibility and convenience, customers can now purchase a subscription-based license for two of MICROMINE’s leading software bundles and pay-by-the-day.

“At MICROMINE we are always looking for ways to help our customers to work more efficiently and to get the best value out of our products. Our customers were telling us that they wanted more ways to buy our products, so we’ve acted on that desire and are offering subscription-based licenses,” said Mark Gabbitus, Micromine Product Strategy Manager.

“We’ve grown so accustomed to not buying software and services outright, that the idea of subscribing on a pay-as-you-go model made sense. Convenience and the reduction of high initial costs were cited by many of our customers as reasons they would like to see us offer subscription pricing. The option to simply pay for what they use really appealed, as did the chance to move software purchasing from capital to operating expenses. So we now have two pay-by-the-day Micromine bundles available.”

  • Explorer Bundle: Including the Micromine Core and Exploration modules, this bundle provides users with all the visualisation, drill-hole management and analytical tools needed to optimise exploration projects. A$250+GST per day
  • Geology Modeller Bundle: Building on the functionality of the Explorer Bundle, this bundle enables geologists to utilise the best industry explicit and implicit modelling tools, giving them access to the most comprehensive suite of modelling tools on the market through the Micromine Core, Exploration, Wireframing and Implicit Modelling modules. A$300+GST per daY

This subscription-based licensing is currently only available for all Australia-based users, though the company has plans to go global with it soon. It will enable consultants who need casual access to our sophisticated exploration and mine design solution for specific projects to tap into the software for however long they need and then easily on-charge that one-off cost to their client,” explained Gabbitus. “We plan to have monthly and annual subscription options soon, along with more comprehensive Bundle options for both geologists and Engineers.”

“For small explorers, for whom traditional one-off purchases was cost prohibitive especially when they are trying to get projects off the ground, the subscription alleviates that need to invest in buying the software upfront, which for many is a substantial capital cost, and then paying an annual licence. The shorter subscription periods will suit them down to a tee.”

“And for our large clients who purchase lots of licenses, they can benefit from a lower initial cost and the ability to offset the costs over a number of years if that suits their cash-flow better than outright purchase and annual fee.”

From just $250 a day (plus GST), users can get immediate access to the Micromine software bundles. Purchased direct from the Micromine website, the daily costs are charged to a credit card and can be based on paying by the day or by purchasing up to 30 days at a time.

“Flexible and cost-efficient, the bundles are a convenient and easy way to access Micromine software whenever it is needed. Once the license is activated, users have access to the MICROMINE forum and global licensing support five days a week” (normal licensing conditions apply).

“At MICROMINE we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers today and into the future. When they tell us they want more options, we give them more options. We are always monitoring our customers’ expectations and needs to ensure that we are delivering software and services they need, how they want them and when they want them,” concluded Gabbitus.