Oyu Tolgoi opens state of the art Chandmani underground mine control centre

The “Chandmani” Operations and Service Centre for Underground, which is now the operational core of the Oyu Tolgoi mine, opened today. The Chandmani Centre has a high-tech control room enabling to monitor safe operations of underground teams and moving vehicles. The centre is a 13,570 square metre two-floor building with shower rooms, dressing rooms, personal protective equipment warehouse, a dining room and conference rooms for underground mine employees.

The main part of the building is a mine control room equipped with an Evans management system, which monitors underground airflow, heating systems and power consumption and ensures their safe and non-stop operations. The Chandmani Centre is also equipped with an integrated underground mine access control system which is among the most advanced technology of its kind yet used in the world mining industry. The electronic tag board system panel uses a digital tracking system to obtain the real-time data of underground personnel rapidly, check valid underground training, monitor the log of personnel that access the underground workings, prevent potential risks of blasting hazards, and the system keeping track of refuge chamber personnel in emergencies.

Moreover, Chandmani Centre is Mongolia’s first mining facility that has a special elevator and wheelchair accessibility which allows people with disabilities to work in mining projects. Over 800 Mongolian employees from Monnis International, Moncon Construction, All Engineering, IT Zone, Mec, Render Trade, Vertexmon, Tavan Ord, TC Engineering, Metro Express, DTU and Best Fashion Elevator companies participated in the building of the state-of-the-art mining facility. Representatives from the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, “Erdenes Mongol” LLC, “Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi” LLC, and local government representatives participated in the opening ceremony along with employees.