BGC Contracting gets extension at Atlas Iron’s Mt Webber

BGC Contracting Pty Ltd has been awarded an extension to its contract with Atlas Iron Pty Ltd at its Mt Webber Iron Ore Project in Western Australia. Atlas Iron has confirmed that BGC Contracting’s current mining contract, will be extended through to June 2022. This will be a Life Of Mine contract extension which will see BGC Contracting providing services up to the end of operations at the Mt Webber mine site.

Under the contract, BGC Contracting will continue to provide a range of mining services including drilling, blasting, loading, hauling, dumping and mineral processing for the operation.

BGC Contracting’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Heylen welcomed the decision and thanked the Mt Webber project team for their delivery on what was a significant project for the company and importantly, will now continue for another three years.

Heylen said the new contract also signifies a strong vote of confidence in the company’s ability to deliver well into the future and believed Atlas Iron’s senior team had recognised BGC Contracting’s commitment to work in alignment with its brand pillars of project delivery, strong relationships and great people.

“BGC’s long standing relationship with Atlas Iron has seen the two companies work collaboratively over the better part of the last decade. During this time, we have continuously and reliably met Atlas Iron’s safety and production targets,” Heylen said.

“Through the various challenges posed by the mining cycles over the years, the one thing that has remained constant is we have maintained our strong relationship with Atlas Iron at all levels of the organisation and continue to deliver great outcomes for their projects. We look forward to continuing our work with Atlas’ team in the years ahead,” he said.