Stealth Technologies & Honeywell collaborate on autonomous robotic vehicles with mining a key market

ASX listed Strategic Elements Ltd owned Artificial Intelligence and Robotics company Stealth Technologies has signed an agreement with Honeywell to build experimental autonomous robotic vehicles, with mining cited as a major focus area. Strategic Elements Managing Director Charles Murphy said “100% owned Stealth Technologies was generated by the Directors of Strategic Elements. An enormous amount of effort over the past 10 months has grown the venture from conception to working with one of the world’s leading technology companies in Honeywell. The team has been working to finalise a number of opportunities and we look forward to potentially unveilingsomehighly innovative projects.”

“Most of the attention around autonomous technology has been focused on high profile self-driving projects by large global companies with long development timeframes. However, there are many other autonomous technology use cases that have an immediate payback and are feasible with today’s technology. These often involve the use of autonomous mobile robots. Autonomous mobile robots are designed for specific actions and tasks and can be designed to work in an unpredictable environment. The main activities of autonomous mobile robots are navigation, mapping, localisation and movement. Robots are widely used for inspection, transportation and surveillance activities. Autonomous mobile robots also play an economic role in the military services, services industry, mining and metals, electricity sectors, oil and gas, automotive, building and healthcare industries.”

The stealthOS autonomous AI software will initially be targeted towards these applications with a focus on security related applications (through Honeywell) and the mining and defence sectors. Stealth Technologies team has an experienced in-house team of international award winning PhD and Masters qualified research engineers with deep capabilities in artificial intelligence, computer vision and robotics (hardware and software). The team is augmented by members of Strategic Elements Ltd and key advisors who have strong commercial expertise in complex data analytics and software development with large multi-national corporates. Stealth Technologies has the capability to custom build artificial intelligence and robotic systems for its own proprietary technologies; and collaboration with commercial/government partners for their own specific business cases.

The intention to work collaboratively to develop and pursue opportunities for autonomous robotic vehicles. Stealth Technologies agrees to collaborate exclusively with Honeywell to develop and pursue opportunities for autonomous robotic vehicles for a term of 12 months. An initial payment of approximately A$100,000 from Honeywell to Stealth Technologies will be made to begin development of an experimental autonomous robotic vehicle. Any further payments will depend on the outcome of additional opportunities identified by the parties through their collaboration.