PressurePro ups the tyre pressure monitoring ante with new app

Advantage PressurePro has released its Fleet TPMS app for real-time tyre performance monitoring of fleets.

The new app, which builds on a previously released and feature-rich consumer app, leverages PressurePro’s FX technology. Additionally, the launch of Fleet TPMS also enables a critical link for fleets to PressurePro’s Connect tyre management platform, “unleashing unmatched visibility and control of your tyre management practices”, the company said.

Featuring 24/7 tyre monitoring, five unique pressure/temperature alerts and local notifications for maximised coverage and safety, Fleet TPMS also has fully configurable layouts and vehicle naming and storage, enabling complete customisation and easy toggling between multiple trailers/units, according to Advantage PressurePro. Further, a rolling performance history log enables users to gain immediate access to recent tyre performance data.

Edward Lutsko, PressurePro’s Director of Technology, said: “While a powerful monitoring tool on its own, Fleet TPMS becomes even stronger when used as a link to provide data flow through our comprehensive software platform Connect. When combined, customers unlock advanced monitoring tools to gain detailed and actionable tyre performance insights across their entire fleet, giving them unmatched control of their tyre management practices.”

When paired with PressurePro Connect, users also unlock email alerting capabilities, exportable tyre performance history, automated tyre performance trend analysis, and an easy to use dashboard that features prioritised data and actionable items, the company said.

Jason Zaroor, PressurePro’s President and CEO, said: “As we have for the last 28 years, PressurePro continues to push the innovation of our market to provide maximised safety and savings for every road our customers travel.

“With the release of Fleet TPMS, and especially when paired with our Connect platform, we’re now able to provide a cost effective solution that provides complete visibility of ever tyre in your fleet; in-cab to drivers, in the field to managers or to your office for controllers.”