MAXAM Tire launches new group focused on open-pit mining

MAXAM Tire says it has created a dedicated global team focused on the open-pit mining market called MAXAM MINING GROUP (MMG).

The MMG team is made up of multiple members across continents responsible for serving regional market demands. Each member of the team is an industry leading expert dedicated to providing the best customer experience along with superior business solutions, the company said.

“As mining applications and machinery continue to evolve, our R&D group focuses on the utilisation of leading technology to improve safety, product performance and repeatable quality,” MAXAM Tire said. “By leveraging extensive research and testing in multiple mine locations around the world, our engineering team develops site-specific tyre compounding along with the next generation casing designs to exceed site requirements for overall performance improvement.”

To meet MAXAM’s engineering team’s advanced innovations, MAXAM has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality process, with all mining products produced with multi-staged, custom designed building equipment, it said. “This new technology allows for consistent construction and minimal disruption of the casing during the curing process,” MAXAM Tire said.

“Utilising advanced shearography technology, all MAXAM mining products are screened for internal defects as part of the standard inspection. In addition, extensive ultrasonic gauge testing is completed before product is approved for distribution. “

Matt Johnson has been appointed as Vice President of the MMG. He said: “We pride ourselves in delivering solutions with the lowest cost per hour/tonne, and provide long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers and our partnerships that only begins at the placement of MAXAM products.”