Eclipse Mining Technologies® unveils mining’s first integrative vendor-agnostic datahub platform

Eclipse Mining Technologies, the mining technology provider led by Fred Banfield, Mintec’s former Chairman and Founder, and Susan Wick, Mintec’s former Chief Operating Officer, has announced today the launch of their flagship product, SourceOne™.

SourceOne is described as a trailblazing solution that features a collaborative platform to connect data from different sources, and a datahub to store historical and contextual data, rendering it serviceable for analytics and for adoption of tools, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

For a long time, the mining industry has been calling for substantial innovation and the means to access all their data, to make the best decisions for their operations. Eclipse has answered these demands with SourceOne. “Current offerings in the market consist mostly of isolated point solutions from a variety of providers, platforms that integrate data only from their own product line, or large, monolithic and inflexible systems, with tools that don’t necessarily talk to each other,” said Banfield, Eclipse’s Chairman. “We want to deliver a central source of data, regardless of choice of application, to provide the ability to create systemic workflows, meaningful analytics and facilitate the adoption of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” concluded Rudy Moctezuma, Chief Business Development Officer.

The Eclipse team is proud to have the opportunity to bring genuine innovation to the industry. “SourceOne was built from the ground up and expressly designed for the mining industry. Having been providers of mine planning software for over 50 years, we are well familiar with the needs of the industry and how legacy systems hamper the access to new technology, becoming roadblocks to digital transformation” said Susan Wick, CEO. “SourceOne empowers the mines to take advantage of advanced technology while extending the life of their existing solutions. The best of both worlds.” concluded Wick.