Calling Chilean innovators – Innova mas PyMEs initative seeks to help tech SMEs meet mining’s challenges

Innova & PyMEs or “innovate more SMEs” is a new pioneering initiative of Chile’s Integrated Mining Technologies Piloting Center (CIPTEMIN) and the Network of Technological Managers of Chile (RedGT), which seeks to generate capacities and develop innovation skills in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country that supply or could supply equipment, technology and services to the mining sector, to allow them to better face a more globalised world, creating new or improved technological businesses from their own ideas; and transforming them into competitive companies with added value.

The venture is looking for companies with a desire to innovate that have technological solutions (products and/or services) that contribute and/or could contribute to the challenges of the national mining industry. Through this program, it is expected that companies can improve their innovation platforms through the development of new capabilities and access to networks and expert advice; to expand their businesses and generate new opportunities.

Companies will be provided with the tools to innovate systematically, knowing better the steps necessary to generate ideas and turn them into opportunities based on new technologies. The companies will work with the new technologies, which will be evaluated in aspects of ownership and market; receiving reports from expert relevant entities. The technologies of the companies that access the program may then also be taken to national and international markets. Likewise, they may first be piloted to obtain the validations required for their commercialisation. The companies will also attend events with key players in the mining industry and mining investors; which will open up options to develop new businesses.

The call period for participation began at 0000 UTC on April 27, 2020 and ends at 1300 UTC on June 1, 2020. The application form is available at the following link which must be completed via online