Outotec adds HIGmill to list of modular mining solutions

Outotec is modularising its high intensity grinding mill solution as it looks to improve safety, speed up return on investment and minimise plant footprints when it comes to grinding mill installations.

The Outotec HIGmill plant (HMP) is a standalone, modular solution for fine grinding that addresses these conflicting requirements, the company says.

Consisting of a vertical HIGmill unit and pre-engineered auxiliary equipment modules to reduce engineering, delivery, construction, and commissioning time and cost, it still provides a safe solution with the flexibility to meet various process, layout, and regulatory requirements, according to the company.

These modules are preassembled in the factory to reduce safety risks and maintain the highest possible quality while also reducing on-site construction time and cost.

“The modules and vertical HIGmill can be arranged in a compact footprint to suit the specific site layout, minimising layout and engineering work,” Outotec said.

The HMP includes an Outotec PSI® 500i particle size analyser for continuous online process monitoring and feedback, while the HIGmill provides process flexibility by adjusting the speed to match the energy input for the required product particle size. This, the company says, minimises the risk of operational challenges and reduced recoveries resulting from variable process conditions.

Bjorn Nielsen, Director – Product Management, Grinding at Outotec, talking about the benefits of using the HIGmill®, told IM earlier this year: “The Outotec HIGmill has several key advantages over other fine and ultra-fine grinding technologies. The vertical arrangement means that gravity helps to compress the media bed, ensuring high contact loads between media symmetrical energy transfer throughout the charge. As a result, the HIGmill has a very broad operating range – energy efficiency is very similar for a range of media charge levels and operating speeds.

“This operating flexibility lets us deal with variations in feed particle size while maintaining efficient operation – there is no point having the most efficient equipment in the world if it cannot be continuously operated at its most efficient.”

Riddhika Jain, Product Manager at Outotec, said the HMP combines Outotec’s leading fine grinding technology with faster installation and a compact footprint while maintaining safety standards.

“This standalone modular solution comes in easily installable pre-assembled sections to speed up returns on investment,” Jain added.

Like Outotec’s other modular solutions – such as the VSF®X modular concept and Modular Paste Backfill Plant – the HMP helps optimise delivery lead time and site construction planning. The delivery scope typically consists of a HIGmill, cyclone, hoppers, pumps, media crane, steel modules, switch room, pipes, valves, instruments, and control system.