Superior powers up TeleStacker conveyors for remote applications

Superior Industries has introduced a standard new set of TeleStacker® conveyor models with onboard power.

The US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems said  the self-contained, radial, telescoping conveyors are equipped with a 96 kW Cat 4.4 Tier 4 Final engine, with the most popular applications for the new models being remote quarrying and mining sites where access to permanent electrical power transmission is not practical.

Today, self-contained TeleStacker Conveyors are designed in 36-inch (914 mm) belt widths and fully-extended operating lengths of 110, 130 and 150 ft (34 m, 40 m and 46 m). Superior says its engineering team will collaborate with bulk handlers requiring custom widths and lengths.

Other standard features include XTP swing axles, hydraulic drives for the main and stinger conveyors, Superior brand idlers and pulleys, and an onboard counterweight. Additionally, the manufacturer offers dozens of options to match the TeleStacker Conveyor to its environment, it said.

“Since Superior Industries produced the first highly mobile, road-portable TeleStacker Conveyor in 1997, the company has continually taken telescoping radial stacking technology to next-level effectiveness,” it said. “In countless applications worldwide, TeleStacker Conveyors deliver cost-efficient material handling solutions that boost stockpile volumes and loading capacities, while preventing material segregation and additional material handling, plus eliminating costly loader and haul truck use.”