Modular Mining and MineWare to co-locate Australian offices in Brisbane

Modular Mining and MineWare, both technology-focused subsidiaries of leading mining OEM Komatsu, have announced plans to move their respective Australia-based offices to a new shared facility.

“This is an exciting opportunity for two Komatsu technology companies to work together under one roof,” said Greg Sweeney, General Manger, Modular Mining Australasia. “The move to a central location in the mining hub of Australia will serve as a catalyst to drive growth and innovation via strong technological alignment and in-person collaboration,” he added.

Although the companies will continue to operate as individual entities, the common technology-focused facility will expand the opportunity for tighter development synergies, increased delivery of value, and improved customer communication.

“Together, we are working towards one common goal – to provide our customers with high-quality, interoperable technologies and automated systems that help solve complex mining challenges, improve safety, and increase sustainability,” said Chad Wamsley-Taylor, Vice President, MineWare Australasia.

MineWare has completed their move to the shared facility, while Modular Mining, which began the transition from Tuggerah to Brisbane earlier this month, will continue the business relocation plans throughout the first quarter of 2021.

To continue servicing their customers in the western part of the region, Modular Mining will maintain its current customer service center in Perth.