Air Suspension Wheel company GACW signs marketing & distribution deal with Australia’s Brownfield

GACW Inc has signed a Supply, Service and Exclusive Agent Agreement with Brownfield Engineering and Maintenance Pty Ltd, a leading Australian engineering and maintenance company to market and distribute GACW’s Air Suspension Wheel (ASW) technology to the mining Off the Road (OTR) sector.

With approximately 433 operating mines in Australia, this agreement broadens GACW market potential in one of the biggest mining countries in the world. 2The ASW technology is a disruptive, patented in-wheel suspension assembly. The ASW is non-pneumatic and addresses many safety and transportation logistics that large mining trucks face with traditional rubber tyres.” The ASW is still in its pre-commercialisation stage and further field testing is expected in Q3 and Q4 of 2020.

Brownfield was formed with a focus on supporting the working assets of the mining sector and has been integrated into three key services offerings specifically focussed on supporting OTR truck fleets: tyres and rims, monitoring systems and associated products, engineering services and inspection and maintenance services. Brownfield has a significant heavy maintenance background in the mining sector and brings strong strategic partnerships to make sure the customer gets the latest technology and production or maintenance benefits. With four facilities strategically positioned in the Queensland’s Bowen & Surat Basin, New South Wales’ Hunter Valley & Perth in Western Australia, Brownfield services Australia’s premier mining locations.

The ASW combines an inner steel hub with an outer steel drum which are connected by twelve nitrogen filled air cylinders and six oil filled dampers that provide suspension. On the outer drum, individually bolt-on steel or polyurethane treads are fitted. The bolt-on treaded shoes are individually replaceable.