Getac helps Emesent tackle mining’s underground mapping challenge

Getac’s V110 fully rugged convertible notebook has helped drone autonomy and mapping developer, Emesent, on its mission to provide mining customers with an all-inclusive solution to map unchartered territories in underground mines, the Taiwan-based company says.

Launched in November 2018, Emesent was on the lookout for a device able to withstand extreme mine conditions and to complement its Hovermap smart mobile scanning unit and drone, Getac explained.

“The harsh working conditions presented in underground mining meant that the device had to be rugged enough to withstand extreme environments, and be compact enough to be easily carried around,” it said.

This is where the Getac V110 convertible came in.

The rugged device can be used as a drone control platform thanks to several features, the company says.

“It can easily transform between a display notebook and a tablet computer, depending on where or when it is used,” it said.

“Additionally, its weight of 2.1 kg and dimension of 39 mm, makes it compact and lightweight enough for users to carry around without much effort.

“The V110 is also made from high quality magnesium alloy, with an advanced rugged polymer in areas of less impact and rubberised absorption polymer at the main points of contact, making it drop-resistant. The fully rugged convertible features a hot-swappable dual battery design, allowing for uninterrupted battery life. In addition to the key features, Getac’s V110 comes with a full-size waterproof membrane keyboard and red backlight, allowing users to type accurately even in the dimmest conditions. The device also features flash storage and responsive graphics, making it an excellent convertible notebook.”

With Getac’s V110, Emesent was able to provide mining companies with a rugged device that could complement its product operating in challenging environments, Getac said.

Dr Stefan Hrabar, CEO and Co-Founder of Emesent, said: “Safety and operational hazards at workplaces are important factors for mining companies, and we want to supply them with a comprehensive solution that not only enables them to operate but also improves efficiency without hassle.

“Harsh conditions in mining meant that we needed a device that was rugged enough and able to complement our smart mobile scanning unit. That is why we selected the Getac V110. Its ability to convert from laptop to tablet provides users the flexibility of both options. We also appreciate its hot-swappable dual-battery feature that enables users to process the LiDAR data underground regardless of whether they have access to power.”