World’s second largest high angle conveyor nearing completion at Metalloinvest’s Mikhailovsky GOK

High angle conveying is on the up in mining – and the world’s second largest installation is close to completion in the southern part of Russia’s Mikhailovksy GOK iron ore open pit mine, part of Metalloinvest. It consists of 13 sections, uses a sandwich conveyor, has a 37 degree angle and a lift of 215 m. It has a capacity to handle 15 Mt/y (rated at 3,000 t/h) and has been designed and installed by Metalloinvest and Ukraine-based NKMZ.

The crushing station has been located underground in the base of the pit which will crush ore to 150 mm before transporting it to the high angle conveyor via an underground gallery.

Metalloinvest told IM: “At the moment the construction and installation works are taking place at all construction sites of the conveyor. The industrial experimental launch is scheduled at the beginning of October 2020.”

NKMZ also designed and delivered the world’s largest high angle conveyor, which operates at the huge Muruntau gold mine in Uzbekistan – that conveyor also has a 37 degree angle, but has a 270 m lift and is rated at 3,500 t/h.

For the new Russian conveyor, NKMZ has provided various mechanisms for the maintenance of the conveyor, for example, for the convenience of maintenance and repair, the conveyor is equipped with a special repair trolley with lifting mechanisms and a mechanical drive for its movement. Also, for routine inspections of the conveyor, a special facility is provided for moving maintenance personnel along the high-angle part of the conveyor. Additionally, various lifting and repair equipment for the maintenance of the conveyor is being provided.