Mammoet to move Kenmare 7,000 t wet concentrator plant at Moma mine in Mozambique

Mozambique-focused titanium minerals producer Kenmare Resources PLC has awarded Mammoet, the global leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, with a contract to relocate one of its wet concentrator plants. The mining plant and its dredge will be moved from its current mining location in Namalope to a new high-grade ore zone in Pilivili, at the Moma mineral sands mine located on the north-east coast of Mozambique.

The plant, consisting of a 1,700 t floating dredge and a 7,000 t Wet Concentrator Plant (known as WCP B), measuring 80 m long, 24 m high and 60 m wide, will be transported using SPMTs over a purpose-built road. The road is 23 km long and 66 m wide, with a weight-bearing capacity of 8.4 t/m2 and a maximum inclination of 2.5º, that will allow for the 60 m wide plant to be safely transported. “This is a unique move in Africa and requires specialist handling to ensure the plant is transported efficiently and safely. We are proud to be part of this project and excited to have the opportunity to contribute to Mozambique’s growing mining industry,” said Henry Viljoen, Manager Sales Mammoet Southern Africa.

The Moma mine is one of the largest titanium minerals deposits in the world and when is it operating at its targeted production capacity following the relocation, Kenmare will be responsible for approximately 10% of the global supply of titanium feedstocks. The WCP B move supports continued production from the mine, which provides export and tax revenues, technology transfer and infrastructure development for Mozambique. The project will improve access to electricity, water supply and telecommunications for people living in the Pilivili communities.