Jama produces innovative battery-powered underground mining scaler

With the new battery powered SBU8000E underground scaler, Sweden’s Jama shows the way for the mining machines of the future. This new generation of scalers builds on the market-leading SBU8000 but it says gives even greater efficiency and reliability.

The machine’s lithium-ion battery system and driveline have been developed in collaboration with Epiroc with the battery itself supplied by Northvolt which is building its gigafactory in Skellefteå close to the Jama factory. This battery solution provides the same reliable power as in the diesel scaler but at the same time as it meets increasingly stringent requirements in the mining industry and means that the scaling is also making a contribution to a fossil-free mine. Being completely without emissions also helps to make cost savings on mining ventilation. In addition, the battery is charged automatically when scaling, which means that the operator never has to “refuel” the machine.

The SBU8000E is also an example of a specialist mining OEM taking advantage of Epiroc’s “Batteries as a Service” offering, where Epiroc offers the mining customer a unique battery solution that includes everything from certification to maintenance. This service also means that Epiroc will periodically replace the batteries with newer versions when upgraded technology is available. Worn-out batteries will also be replaced with old batteries collected and recycled at Northvolt. The mine does not buy the batteries, or even lease them, but instead purchases the battery operation service for their electric vehicle.

According to Jama, this is the world’s first certified battery system specially developed for the mining industry’s requirements for safety and robustness. While the system must be certified for the global market, its current European CE certification also complies with the European Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the Radio Equipment Directive.